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Precision coil steel slitting is a process by which wide coils of steel are fed through a slitter and cut into narrow strips of material. Each of these cut strips is known as a strand, and is then recoiled to create width narrow slit coil.

Our range of slitting capabilities puts our customers at ease, as they know that we have the right equipment to quickly process their orders. Our customers appreciate our high level of precision in the slitting process, as it spares them from having to deal with excess material waste in their own manufacturing process.

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 SLITTER  20″/28″  38″/72″  50,000  .050/.250  8″/62″  60″ G  20″/24″  38″/72″

Under One Roof Efficiency

With the ability to slit up to .250” X 60” there is no need to transfer material to another facility for slitting, eliminating additional freight cost.